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Working to elevate the city that made me.

I love to bring the streets of KC to the world outside of the Midwest.


Owner of the studio and clothing line TrapAdix. G Dave has been grinding in and out of Kansas City for a while. All of that has paid off with his recent accomplishments.

G Dave just won a Grammy for his work with the late Nipsey Hussel in the song "Racks in the Middle". He was also featured in the hit Netflix series "Rhythm and Flow" working with greats such as DSmoke and Troyman.



With her heartfelt expressions, soulfully inspiring lyrics, and realistically raw content, there is no limit to what she creates.


Zoey Artise holds her own way with words, as she empowers and motivates women through her lryics. This beautifully versatile soul writes music from R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Country, Pop and Rap to raise awareness of living in today's society. With streaming sounds across all digital platforms, including SoundCloud, Pandora, iTunes, Google Play, Deezer and Amazon. 



Music's wonderful sound can be found in any instrument. With the voice being the freest  and greatest voice of all.

One of Kansas City's most locally acclaimed artist, Darron, is a diamond in the rough. With his ability to play practically any instrument, Darron pulls you in with all of the soul of the ancestors, while putting spins on all of the classic and modern tracks. Check out his monthly tribute shows around KC,

re-imagining the Legends with the musically talented artist of the city.

Click play and listen's to Kansas City's hottest local radio station!




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